Moncler Gamme Rouge Show, Spring 2018


Fashion Show Review

Illustrated and Written by Krista Webster

While ballet is often portrayed as a highly elegant, and revered skill practiced only by prima-ballerina professionals, Moncler Gamme Rouge’s recent Spring 2018 depicted the art in an entirely new light. Inspired by the “hiplet” movement, a trend that showcases a hybrid of hip-hop and ballet, the show features a mixture of street fashion and classic ballet elements, making ballet seem more accessible and relatable to the urban dancer-- professional or aspiring. Models-- whom many were true “hiplet” dancers-- sported everyday, youthful pieces such as oversized color blocked jackets, bombers, and floral blouses. These elements were tempered with classical ballet costume details-- such as tulle and precise embroidery.

Both urban and traditional costume styles were carefully tied together with an overarching color palette of pastel pinks and black, alluding to the staple colors of a ballerina’s everyday practice leotards. All 45 looks presented in the show not only successfully capture the grace and beauty of ballet, but the personality and adaptive lifestyle of the modern dancer. Writer for Vogue, Amy Verner puts it best:  “Essentially, [the designer] created the fairy-tale version of a dancer on the move”.